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Promoting Confidence, Academic Excellence and Community Service

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Hello and Welcome to Salt City Royalty!

Salt City Royalty is a charity-focused pageant system based in Syracuse, New York.  Syracuse is nicknamed the "Salt City" and is located in the heart of New York! 

There are no specific guidelines concerning clothing or accessories. However, please be aware that we judge our contestants based on natural beauty, confidence, and personality. We believe in respect, honesty and character.

Here at Salt City, we focus on promoting self-confidence and fostering respect and true showmanship amongst our peers.  We also place strong emphasis on educational achievements and academic goals.

We have established ourself as the best pageant in CNY! We welcome both experienced pageant contestants as well as newcomers to the stage! Every child leaves Salt City Royalty feeling beautiful, confident, and strong! 

Our pageants are strictly benefit pageants, dedicated to raising awareness of local charities and causes and teaching contestants about true selfless giving and community service.  We are not like the other pageants you hear about - we give back to our community!

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us for more details!

Yours in strength and beauty,

Kristy Lee Witt, Co-Director

Linda M. Hochenberger, Co-Director

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Salt City Royalty * 7563 Sugarwood Lane* Syracuse, New York 13212



  • "I LOVE that you rewarded all of the girls with a tiara and a trophy. Even though there were winners, there were no losers. I know some people have an issue with this practice, b..."
  • "There was tremendous attention to detail, a friendly team of volunteers and the event was well-executed. We'll be back!"