Salt City Royalty Benefit Pageants

Promoting Confidence, Academic Excellence and Community Service

Our Mission

The mission of Salt City Royalty is to foster

confidence, inner strength and self-worth in all

of our contestants. We believe in showing

respect to each individual involved in the

pageant and exhibiting true showmanship.

Salt City Royalty is a CHARITY-FOCUSED SYSTEM.

All of our pageants are BENEFIT PAGEANTS!
October 2010: Donation made to the Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, NY. Contestants also collected over 400 items for the hospital's patients!

October 2011: Donations made to: SANS (Spay and Neuter Syracuse), Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund and The Smile Train and over 700 items collected for the Humane Association
of CNY!

October 2012: Donations made to: Jenni-Lyn Watson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Contact Community Services, Hope for Bereaved, and over 400 items donated to Humane Association of CNY!


"We at SCR are determined to show girls what they can accomplish when they get together for a positive cause. Beauty isn't important; intelligence and a strong sense of self will get you through life!"


We are also very happy to announce our brand-new mentorship program! Check it out HERE:

Our Directors

Kristy Lee Witt & Linda Dracker-Hochenberger

 Kristy Lee & Linda came up with the concept of Salt City Royalty after their daughter and granddaughter, Kaylee, began competing locally. Realizing there was no Syracuse-based system that placed a strong emphasis on natural beauty or deeper issues such as confidence and self-esteem, Kristy Lee & Linda took a detour from typical pageants. Together, they created Salt City Royalty Benefit Organization and made it into a charity-focused system.

Unlike other pageants, self-esteem, education and philanthropy are important aspects of Salt City Royalty.

Kristy Lee Witt (aka Ms. Kristy)

Kristy Lee is dedicated to improving the self-esteem and feelings of self worth in her pageant contestants. "I believe through stage performance and positive encouragement, girls will believe in themselves more deeply. They, in turn, will channel those good feelings into community service and academic excellence." 

Kristy Lee is a graduate of Wells College and Simmons Institute of Funeral Service.  She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and is a New York State Licensed Funeral Director. Kristy Lee and Linda are also co-owners of PipLin Events, an event-planning company. 

In addition to directing Salt City Royalty, Kristy Lee is a funeral director at Krueger Funeral Home. She resides in North Syracuse with her husband, Marcus; their children, Kaylee and Albert, and their rescued pets.


Linda Dracker-Hochenberger (aka Ms. Linda)

Ms. Linda is the  Co-Director and Co-Founder of the pageant.  She is the creator of Kaylee's Krowns, a small company that creates award-winning accessories for babies and children. Her creations can be seen on beautiful young girls all across the country! Recently, Linda was awarded a top international prize for the Island Child Magazine design contest! She gets her greatest joy from helping girls feel like the beautiful princesses they truly are!

Linda got her start in event planning in New York City over 30 years ago, where she and her partners were responsible for major events for local churches and catered events.  Linda is the proud mother of Kristy Lee, Ted and Ryan and grandmother to Kaylee and Albert and has been happily married for 30 years.   She and her family live in North Syracuse with their animal menagerie (both indoors and out)! She is co-owner of PipLin Events with Kristy Lee.



All of our judges are highly qualified, fair and unbiased, and well-versed in the fields of stage performance, pageants and show business.  We prefer to rotate judges each year to bring in new faces, new experiences and new perspectives.


 Salt City Ambassadors

 All of our hostesses are carefully chosen! They are strong, intelligent, brave women who are excellent role models for our contestants!

Kaylee Witt, Lifetime Hostess 

 Little Miss Kaylee ("Baby Kay" and "Lee Lee" to her family) is the Lifetime Hostess of SALT CITY ROYALTY! Until she is older, however, she has appointed special Guest Hostesses to perform her duties! 

Kaylee has been participating in pageants since she was just 6 months old and holds several top titles, including Syracuse Baby Queen of  Sunburst USA Pageants; Most Beautiful  Baby of Gillespie Pageants; Mini Grand Supreme 0-3 for New York from  Diamond Dolls of America; Mini Grand Supreme 0-5 for Twin Tiers Pageants; Mini Natural Supreme, ages 0-6, for America's Genuine Jewels and America's Regal Gems, and she was the 2010 New York State Baby Sunburst Queen as well as the Overall Photo Winner for Sunburst in 2010.

 Kaylee is a popular boutique model and is the model and muse of Kaylee's Krowns, a small company that creates unique and handmade headbands and accessories for babies & children. Miss Kaylee looks forward to meeting all of you at her Salt City Royalty pageant!


Support Staff of Salt City Royalty 

 Jo Ann Proietta St. Amour, Public Relations

Jo Ann was born and raised in Syracuse & Liverpool, NY. Growing up, she had a passion for performance and competition and participated in chorus, plays, and musicals as well as track & field and softball. A true CNY-er, Jo Ann attended college in Utica and majored in Recreation. 

Jo Ann brings more than 20 years experience in the Human Service field to SCR. Her occupations have included recreation therapist, recreation and volunteer director for a skilled facility, personal trainer and aerobic coordinator and instructor. She was involved as a volunteer director and was also involved with the AmeriCorps Vista National Service program locally. Additionally, Jo Ann was a model for the Guild Fashionata!

Jo Ann currently resides in Syracuse with her two children, Christian and Amanda. Jo Ann can be contacted at

Salt City in the News!

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YouTube Documentary: Produced by Syracuse University journalism students!

Our commercial on Movin 100.3/96.5 FM and Disney Radio 1490 AM!


 Salt City Royalty Benefit Organization is registered as a sole proprietorship with the Onondaga County Clerk's Office.  We are a legitimate, registered business and our filed and notarized business certificate can be viewed at all our pageants and via email as requested.  Salt City Royalty Benefit Pageant is a yearly event held by the Organization.

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  • "I LOVE that you rewarded all of the girls with a tiara and a trophy. Even though there were winners, there were no losers. I know some people have an issue with this practice, b..."
  • "There was tremendous attention to detail, a friendly team of volunteers and the event was well-executed. We'll be back!"